APS Schools Calendar 2023-2024: Important Dates

In Albuquerque, the school year has been extended, beginning earlier and concluding later.

According to Yolanda Montoya-Cordova, President of the APS School Board, although it may not be a flawless solution, the current calendar represents the best effort for the upcoming school year.

She emphasized that this decision doesn’t signify a permanent change; they will assess the situation and make adjustments if necessary.

APS Schools Calendar
APS Schools Calendar: Photo source (Wiki)

The new calendar, which was approved with a 5-1 vote during a Wednesday night meeting, includes an additional four days of school and shifts the start date a week earlier.

Moreover, longer breaks within the school year have resulted in the end of the school year being postponed by almost a week.

Key Dates

  • First Day: Aug. 3
  • Teachers Return: July 31
  • Last Day: May 31
  • Last Day (TOPS schools): June 10

The new school calendar increases the total number of school days from 178 to 182.

The extra days account for a required increase in learning hours approved by state lawmakers in March.

The school board says the new calendar provides 1,140 learning hours for all students K-12 – that equals out to six and a half hours of instruction per day.

APS officials revealed Wednesday that there is a significant increase for elementary school students.

The mandated increase in learning time is meant to hopefully address declining academic performance among New Mexico students.

“We have a district where 80% of our kids cannot do math, and 70% of our kids cannot read,” said APS School Board Member Courtney Jackson.

“I think we just need to remember that, right? Like, we’re at the bottom. Our kids need to be in school more.”

Besides learning time – the new calendar will move all schools to a quarterly grading cycle with the fall semester ending before winter break.

The new calendar also includes longer breaks during the school year to address fatigue and mental well-being:
  • Labor Day – 2 Days
  • Fall Break – 2 Days
  • Thanksgiving Break – 1 Week
  • Winter Break – 2 ½ Weeks
  • Spring Break – 2 Weeks

The new calendar also includes more prep-time for teachers.

There’s seven professional development days built in for elementary and middle school teachers – students would have those days off.

For the modified 2023-2024 APS school year calendar, click here.

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